Sunday, July 04, 2010


What a weekend of sport! Wimbledon final today, so excited. I am still mourning Roger’s exit in the quarters, but like the football, I'm looking forward to watching this final without the nerves. The man and me are hosting a Wimbledon party with all the trimmings… crust-less sarnies, strawberries and cream, ‘power’ pimm’s (the man boosts the usual recipe with prosecco) and a mandatory Borg headband for all!
We will be cheering on Rafa Nadal, one of the nicest men in sport, loved by all. We were lucky enough to see him in the flesh at Wimbledon two weeks ago. Believe me, it was battle to sift through the crowd to catch a glimpse of those famous biceps and the infamous 'butt munch' move…and it wasn’t just the women with their elbows out!