Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Actors Church, Covent Garden

I've walked past the front of this church a billion times, never really thinking about what lay inside. But i recently discovered the gorgeous fairy lit courtyard at the back and was blown away. It was one of those discoveries that can only happen after dark, when intriguing lights and dark alleys pop out like they never do during the day. We were drawn down a side alley, around the back of the church, that led to this most magical, peaceful place. The church itself is also beautiful, which was emphasised by a beautiful opera concert taking place inside. A perfect end to a wistful evening. 

Covent Garden @ Christmas

I never venture Covent Garden way, unless i suddenly get an uncontrollable craving for a Reuben Sandwich at Mishkin's. But i love to walk round there at Christmas time. I keep my fair distance from the crazed shoppers and excitable tourists, but i have to say their energy adds to the general christmussy atmosphere of the place. It's nice to go soak up some of that festive cheer every year.

Lego London Snow Globe