Thursday, September 20, 2012

LFW SS'13 - Erdem

It was the colour palette and textures that drew me to Erdem Moralioglu's show. Sherbety pastels were punctuated with acidic oranges and neon yellow, giving a day-glo pop to the heavily embroidered and appliqu├ęd fabrics. His signature lace was toughened with the welcome introduction of snakeskin, bringing a harder edge to the otherwise typically feminine collection. Inspiration for the show came from Zenna Henderson, a 1950s Sci-Fi novelist, (hence the silhouettes), leading Erdem to create an otherworldly concept, of woman who were trying fit in on Earth...By splicing colours and textures that don't usually mix, Erdem created a desirable and once again incredibly wearable collection.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

LFW SS'13 - Topshop Unique

The Topshop Unique show had a lot to live up to after its successful, 'coming of age' show last a/w, where it seemed the Topshop girl had gone all grown up on us. Expectations were high...

With the sofa pushed right up to the tv and the show streaming live, these are the notes i scribbled as i watched, all whilst making a mental shopping list! From the off it looked like
clean lines, space age (more for the show space than the collection) and the Bauhaus were major inspirations. The linear prints and circular motifs evoking the less obvious of Bauhaus connotations, but certainly drawing on the best and most sophisticated work of the design house. Colours were tonal with flashes of primrose yellow, silver and later, deep sapphire blue. The slouchy trouser looks to become a staple piece, with boxy blouses, loose fit tees and long line jackets providing the perfect accompaniment. Sheer, fabrics, silks and relaxed silhouettes helped create a lightness to the collection, that will not doubt be as covetable, if not more, than the last. The countdown to launch is on!
The Bauhaus - Laszlo Moholy-Nagy
The Bauhaus - Josef Albers. Skyscrapers on Transparent Yellow, c. 1929.
The Bauhaus - Anni Albers, Wall hanging. 1926
The Bauhaus -  Josef Albers, Stained-glass window Sommerfeld House, Berlin, 1920/21

The Bauhaus - Laszlo Moholy-Nagy

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

LFW SS'13 - The Topshop Experience

The constant trend setter. Who'd have thought that on the back of their achingly desirable AW '12 Unique collection (the best selling range to date) Topshop could raise the bar to further dizzying levels. The collection was gorgeous, but more on that later...This was literally one helluva Unique experience for their SS '13 outing. This was THE first customisation of a catwalk EVER. This means real-time customised, catwalk shopping people!

If, you weren't around, let me set the scene. You've got your nose pressed up to the screen. The countdown is on and the anticipation is building back stage, where you have an exclusive view as models are primped an preened right up until the last second. You like their 'look'? Well guess what?! You can buy the product instantly and re-create it within 48 hours. Sorted!
On a second screen you can see the FROW start to fill with celebs and journos. As the lights lift and the music starts (another instant purchase through iTunes, if you so wish!), the world watches Jordan Dunn strut down the catwalk in a sheer panelled shift dress. Before Dunn even manages to make it round the catwalk, that same dress could be yours... in a colour of your choice... months before it's due in store. Unbelievable. And very dangerous!

The social experience was off the scale. The brand have been streaming the show on their site for the last few seasons, bringing the front row experience to our living rooms...but this was on another level!

Oh and the experience didn't end there! Topshop also worked with Facebook to create a 'shoot the show' button allowing an instantaneous sharing experience of favourite looks and an immediate media buzz. Very savvy.

So is this the future? You can be sure that other designers will follow suit with digital experiences come February. But you can guarantee Topshop will have already moved it on. Giving us something we didn't even know was possible.

J.W. Anderson X Topshop

J.W. Anderson is sooo hot right now. After a busy and hugely successful few days, Jonathan Anderson must be feeling pretty pleased with himself. First there's his collaboration with Topshop, then his SS13 show at LFW...
The collection for Topshop is made up of 99 pieces, ranging from clothing, shoes to a 99p pencil, collectively helping build the brand he wants his name to conjure. This is Topshops biggest designer collaboration EVER. So, of course, the only place to be on Friday morning was the Flagship store. Having strategically scoped out the gorgeous goodies online (thanks Topshop for the heads up), it was more of an organised chaos kind of launch rather than elbows at dawn! The whole collection is even available to buy through a 'shoppable catalogue', where customers can scan barcodes through the TS app - very cool! Even more cool was whilst standing back snapping away,  seeing the man himself quietly observing from the side...
The J.W. Anderson pop up shop and illustration are the work of set designer Gary Card, who by the by, has also worked with the likes of Louis Vuitton and Comme des Garcons...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

London Cinemagraph

found this on tumblr, but can't remember the silent chaos.