Thursday, June 30, 2011

UK AIDS Memorial Quilt

In the run up to the Pride Festival this Saturday (you going??), Pride London has displayed the UK AIDS Memorial Quilt 

in and around Soho.

The AIDS Memorial Quilt was created by US AIDS activist Cleve Jones on 1985, after a remembrance march in honour of San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone, who were assassinated in 1978. Jones asked that people create signs with the names of their loved ones who had lost their lives to Aids and to stick them on the San Francisco Federal Building. All of the signs combined reminded Jones of a patchwork quilt and so an idea was born…

The quilt now weighs around 54 tonnes and is the’largest piece of community art’ in the world. Each panel is 3 foot by 6 foot, the size of an average grave. It is described as a ‘creative means of remembrance, as well as a way to educate people about HIV prevention and fight the stigma of AIDS.’

The UK names Project created its own AIDS Memorial Quilt in the early 90’s, which is made up of 48 panels. Every panel is made and decorated by family and friends of someone who has died with HIV, to commemorate their life.

I really recommend that you take a detour through Soho over the next couple of days, to see some of these panels for yourself (there are 12 in total, click here for location details). They are beautiful in every sense and are a great way of maintaining an important message at the same time as conveying so much love through beautiful art.

Graffiti @ Brick Lane

Every time I walk around Brick Lane something different catches my eye. It really is a constant inspiration. Last time it was the graffiti  and all the amazing colours within it...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

West End Style

The West End just got even more stylish! With a nod to the late Monsieur Laurent and his love for collaborating with the theatre, Stefano Pilati has taken the house of Yves Saint Laurent back to the stage, by dressing the cast of Ian Rickson's revival of the Harold Pinter play, Betrayal.

Inspired by Pinter's extramarital affair with Joan Bakewell, the play follows a three-way emotional entanglement between husband (played by Ben Miles), wife (Kristen Scott Thomas) and best friend (Douglas Henshall), playing out in reverse chronological order from 1977 to 1969... resulting in some amazingly retro, yet still very wearable costumes. 

Kristen Scott Thomas oozes elegance and style (as always seems to be the case) in outfits that work wonderfully throughout the play, helping create the illusion of her character gradually getting younger.  Such is the the talent of Pilati, that the costumes perfectly compliment the emotional, powerful play, without distracting from the performance - although i did linger over a leather tote for much longer than necessary, but i am only human! 

Oh, and in case your were wondering, the play itself is wonderful. Kristen Scott Thomas is just mesmerisingly talented and beautiful. On at The Comedy Theatre until August...
As well as these beauties above, we were spoiled with an array of covetable accessories, a classic cashmere camel coat, and printed chiffon skirts that bounced beautifully with every step.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Fancy cooling off? Then why not head to this fountain outside Festival Hall...Perfect for a day like today...not just for kids!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fashion by Federer

It is that time of year again, where the Pimms starts flowing, eating kilos of strawberries feels normal and us Brits get to demonstrate our superiority when it comes to the rain! Wimbledon is by far my favourite of the slams. I just love the atmosphere and down right 'Britishness' of the whole tournament, meaning i inevitably lose two weeks, hypnotised by its lush grass. I also love the fashion that comes with it. Well, when i say fashion, I only want to see what Federer will be wearing (although it's always fun to heckle some of the more questionable female ensembles!). Ah Roger, your sartorial elegance never fails to live up to your beautiful game...

2006. the year of the cream blazer and round neck white tee. The white and gold colourway makes its first of many appearances.
2007. the blazer returns, this time teamed with a white polo shirt and pressed post-game trousers
2008. my favourite so far, shame he couldn't finish it with the gold trophy (this was the year of the epic 5 set duel with Nadal). Federer was definitely ahead of the trend in this chunky, oversized knit.
2009. the year of the layers. going all out with the military style jacket, crisp waistcoat and relaxed trousers, finished with gold trimmed accessories..including the trophy!
There was even an outfit change for the final...
2010. simple and elegant. the pin tuck bib detail on last years polo shirt was classic and subtle, once again teamed with a relaxed knit. this is my second fave of the last few years.
2011. always mixing it up...this is the year of the tank. can't think of many men who could pull this off, but of course Federer makes everything look effortlessly stylish. This years Nike kit sees him step away from the gold and white colourway of the last few years, for a new green trim. Lets hope it brings him luck...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Art Car Boot Fair

Quite possibly the best car boot i've ever been to. The opportunity to pick something up from the likes of Polly Morgan, Peter Blake, Damien Hirst as well as other big and not-so-big-but-still-amazing names, was too good to miss! I'm always up for a bargain and a good rummage, so this was right up my street, especially on a Sunday - it just feels like such a British thing to do! As well as all the amazing art work on offer there was also a lot of good food and fun to be had...spanking and smashing things being favourites (see below)! Plus it was held behind The Old Truman Brewery and a trip to Brick Lane is always a huge inspiration. 
Guts for Garters
Smashing things seemed to be a theme of the day...
the weapons of choice...