Friday, July 08, 2011

Potter Mania

Call me crazy, but i was curious to see the how big the crowd was at the premiere of  the final Harry Potter film yesterday. Now, i hate crowds as much as the next person, but some of these guys were camping out for a the rain -  i had to see this passion up close! It turns out the crowd was pretty impressive, although apologies for the generic photos...i just couldn't get anywhere near Trafalgar Square. I did try balancing on a bollard in an attempt to get a better view over the barrier, but a nice policeman scuppered my evil plan! He threatened to reveal the films ending to the rowdy mob, if i didn’t ''step away from the barrier'’. Now, I didn’t quite fancy getting clubbed to death with fake wands, so I did as I was told. Only to hear a guy behind me shout ‘’we already know the ending mate. In case you hadn’t noticed we’re fanatics! At which point there was a surge towards the barrier…my cue to leave!

 I can't help but think that if London can handle a Potter premiere then the Olympics will be a doddle!