Thursday, July 07, 2011

The best view in town...?

So, i've set myself a challenge. I want to find the best views of our beautiful city (suggestions much appreciated!).  I thought i would start here, at the National Portrait Gallery's restaurant view - not bad, eh? After getting caught in a flash down-pour last week, in ridiculously unsuitable footwear (which seems to be happening a lot at the moment), i decided to jump into the invitingly dry NPG... along with a zillion other tourists! i love that to get to the top floor restaurant/bar, you have to wander through 'The Tudors'...their disapproving eyes following you, knowing that you're only there for a glass of wine! I always silently defend myself, promising to be back soon, to give them the attention they deserve. Although i never seem to get round to it... Anyways, the search is on!