Wednesday, July 13, 2011

London Birds...move over pigeons!

When out and about on my travels over the last couple of weeks, i seem to have come across a lot of birds, yes i said birds. Bird watching is cooler than you think! Now, London may be known for its pigeons, who by the by, seem to be getting fatter by the day, so fat that they soon won't be able to fly, (which will make volleying them a lot easier!) but it seems that our multi-cultural population has also extended into the wildlife...
Bloody gorgeous! This fella was strutting his stuff round Kew Gardens, knowing full well he was being 'papped'.
Ok, chickens may not be that exotic, but then again i have never seen one with a neon neck colour palette! Very on trend.
These chucks were also shacking up in Kew Gardens - cushdey!
Ducks. Not so ordinary.
Sitting in Bushy Park, chomping away on an impromptu picnic, i spotted a green flash out of the corner of my eye. The man thought i was going crazy. i stood, with zoom in hand, for 20 mins trying to get visual proof!