Monday, October 11, 2010

Rob Ryan - The Stars shine all day too - Exhibition

Oh I love Rob Ryan...have done for a while now, so I was really excited to hear about a new exhibition of his work, starting this November, at The Air Gallery on Dover Street. For all you Rob Ryan newbies out there, his work is made up of delicate, whimsical prints and hand-made paper cuts (amongst other desirable bits and pieces), showcasing his wonderful way with words and beautiful illustrative stories. His unique signature combines poetry and art, in pieces that you can easily lose yourself in for hours, caught up in all the intricate details. But nothing I say can do justice to the real thing, so check out his website to indulge in his gorgeous work.
Part of 'Starry Nights' paper cut

The exhibition will be a combination of new and re-visited old works with some exciting collaborations. Earlier this year, Rob's studio was re-created within Somerset House for the Pick Me up: Contemporary Graphic Art Fair, with the man himself sitting at his desk, painstakingly working on a huge hand cut piece (and yes, as well as being hugely talented, he is also a lovely, humble man). Now, I just love to see creative people in their working environments, especially their inspiration boards, which I find so...well, inspiring! Rob Ryan's boards did not disappoint.
The exhibition is on from Monday 1st November until Saturday 20th November at The Air Gallery, 32 Dover Street...Don't miss it!