Monday, September 13, 2010

The Mayor's Thames Festival '10... saying goodbye to the summer!

What an awesome celebration of this great city! This two day, free festival on the Southbank was such a great day out, with yummy food, drink and plenty of entertainment! 
Highlights included Les Grooms, a French comedic brass band (sounds strange I know, but they were brilliant), who took audience participation to a whole new level and capitalised on every last inch of space in front of the national theatre. Check out the images below for an idea!
The jive stage outside the Tate Modern was a great place to refuel whilst admiring the dancing talent. 
There was every kind of delicious food imaginable and at reasonable prices it was a good excuse to sample as much as possible! 
As the sun set the place to be was Southwark Bridge with its trestle tables and food stalls bringing people together for a huge feast, as well as mass toasting and edible hat making! The atmosphere was great, really friendly and it was so cool to see such a diverse crowd… London at its best.