Thursday, September 30, 2010

COX Cookies & Cakes! 13 Brewer Street

What a great addition to the streets of Soho and what a perfect name! Former shoe designer Patrick Cox has opened what has to be the sexiest cake shop I have ever seen. All black lacquer, sparkly walls and pink neon – with a specially created piece by Tracy Emin no less, hanging above the till! Not only are the designs cheeky and original but they're also delicious - the oozing cupcake centre's are really decadent. When drooling over their website I was particularly drawn to the COXXX selection, especially the Beef Cake…a praline flavoured bulging bicep,  so was a little disappointed to find that they don't stock it yet. I didn't come away disappointed though, after great recommendations from the helpful, leather aproned staff. Open until 11pm over Fri and Sat, this is the perfect place to pop into for something a little naughty (but legal) on your way home! 
Not just for Halloween...this triple chocolate sponge with blood red frosting was simply delicious.