Monday, August 30, 2010

Mad Artists Tea Party

I am loving all the food related exhibitions that are popping up at the moment. I love art and I love my food so this is the perfect pass time for me! Here are some pics from the Mad Artists Tea Party I told you about on Friday. My favourite piece was the biscuit lyric wall... music never tasted so good! Next up is the Experimental Food Society Spectacular.
Edible lyrics from The Chaos by The Futureheads, created by Molly Bakes & Kooky Bakes. I loved the chic black and dove grey icing with the 'suede effect' finish (created by sprinkling finely ground sugar over still wet icing).
All the fun of the fairground by David & Simon Smith
Edible Garden by Alex Turvey & Lili Vanilli
Captain Fairtrade by Michelle Wibowo