Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Interiors focus - The Swan @ The Globe

The man and me finally got round to going for a meal at the Swan @ the Globe last week and it was AMAZING! So much so that a light lunch turned into the full monty (when the bread is that good it is always a positive sign). I actually had to lay down on a bench to recover afterwards as I had no choice but to over indulge... honestly! Anyway, apart from the food, service, the stunning view (and wonderful company of course), I fell in love with the gorgeous decor. It was a mixture of rustic charm, sumptuous fabrics and ingenious design features. See what you think...
Love these wall lights! They are by Ingo Maurer and are firmly on my wall of want, along with many other of their designs! (a fab interiors website) tells you where you can buy prepared to fall head over heels.
What a view.