Wednesday, September 19, 2012

LFW SS'13 - Topshop Unique

The Topshop Unique show had a lot to live up to after its successful, 'coming of age' show last a/w, where it seemed the Topshop girl had gone all grown up on us. Expectations were high...

With the sofa pushed right up to the tv and the show streaming live, these are the notes i scribbled as i watched, all whilst making a mental shopping list! From the off it looked like
clean lines, space age (more for the show space than the collection) and the Bauhaus were major inspirations. The linear prints and circular motifs evoking the less obvious of Bauhaus connotations, but certainly drawing on the best and most sophisticated work of the design house. Colours were tonal with flashes of primrose yellow, silver and later, deep sapphire blue. The slouchy trouser looks to become a staple piece, with boxy blouses, loose fit tees and long line jackets providing the perfect accompaniment. Sheer, fabrics, silks and relaxed silhouettes helped create a lightness to the collection, that will not doubt be as covetable, if not more, than the last. The countdown to launch is on!
The Bauhaus - Laszlo Moholy-Nagy
The Bauhaus - Josef Albers. Skyscrapers on Transparent Yellow, c. 1929.
The Bauhaus - Anni Albers, Wall hanging. 1926
The Bauhaus -  Josef Albers, Stained-glass window Sommerfeld House, Berlin, 1920/21

The Bauhaus - Laszlo Moholy-Nagy