Friday, February 03, 2012

abandoned bread!

Now, The Garrison has its quirks, but i am pretty sure this lonely baguette was not part of the decor...You can just imagine the couple it belongs to saying; 
''Where shall we put our beautiful baguette?''
''I know, why don't we put it on the radiator?!"
''Oh, you're so clever darling! That fits perfectly! But let's not forget it!''
Or something along those lines...

I kept thinking that any minute, a distressed looking couple would come running through the door, crying, ''My Bread, My Bread!'' Alas, no such outburst took place. I wonder how long it took them to notice that they'd left it behind. Begging the question, how far, is too far, to turn back for bread?

I like to think that this Baguette ended up in a good home...