Friday, November 18, 2011

clerkenwell vintage fashion fair @ The Old Finsbury Town Hall

Vintage Fair's and Sunday's are made to be together. Kind of like wine and Friday's or Monday's and just fits. So, with the draw of being the last of the year, Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair had me out of bed and driving 'north of the border' before breakfast (calling for a Lantana pit stop on the way). I had been told that this vintage fair was one of the best, and that was no lie -  the goodies on display were awesome! Fave pieces included a Victorian, black (of course), jet beaded cape and an amazing patterned, gold foil Dior dress (nicer than it sounds, but too small anyhow). But the star of the show was the venue..Who knew The Old Finsbury Town Hall was such a gem. I was so distracted, i actually walked away with nothing - a first for me - but very satisfied all the same.