Friday, November 04, 2011

the 5th of November

Of all the millions of fireworks displays in wonderful London town this weekend, i have managed to narrow it down to 3. Lets look at the pros and cons...

1. Blackheath Fireworks-
For  - a regular outing in my Uni youth, so ticks the nostalgia box
For - it was always an awesome display (and it's free - although donations are appreciated)
Against - i may have romanticised it slightly
Against - it is totally on the wrong side of town...hmmm???
2. Battersea Park Fireworks
For - Awesome display
For - my end of town
Against - you're not allowed to take your own sparklers. booooo!
Against - pricey food and mulled wine (+ admission £10)
Against - it is supposed to lash it down on Saturday
3. Richmond Annual Firework Display
For - The display is choreographed to QUEEN, yes QUEEN. AWESOME!
For - hog roast and mulled wine!
For - on apparently sans rain
Against - a little out of the way...
Against - fun fair = lots of kids...yes, i am a cowbag!
For - Did i mention Queen?!

Think Freddie has swung it for me!
Happy Bonfire lots of toffee!