Monday, May 16, 2011

Shop Report - Anthropologie

A visit to Anthropologie is always a visual feast. As soon as you walk through the door, a wave of excitement washes over you, as you attempt to take in all that's on offer. There's a lot to see so make sure you plan enough time in - you could be there for hours! Now, it goes without saying that the product (everything from clothing to homeware and lots in between) is to die for, so be prepared to fall in love and spend some pennies! But, it's the gorgeous creative treatments that keep me going back again and again.

The talented in-store creative team source the materials and props for the displays and see the process through from concept to creation. It's the imaginative use of objects and unique ideas that give the store its signature style. The hand-made, crafted elements also give a real sense of the love and hard work in each display. All of these exquisite details are weaved throughout this three floor wonder emporium. 

The shopping experience is further extended into the fitting rooms, where the customer service and flattering light form a seamless alliance. As you are led into the spacious rooms, your name is written on the door mirror, adding that personal touch. 

So, head to Regent Street. Experience the inspired.

Each of these cups was hand dipped in wax to create a wave of texture and colour, framing the cabinets of crockery.
the hand crafted, unique signage adds to the creative narrative that runs throughout the store.