Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hampstead Cemeteries

It may seem a little macabre, but i really love to explore grave yards (it's not as weird as it sounds - honest!). You see, i've never found them creepy, although i'm yet to test this with a night visit... I just think they can be really beautiful and peaceful. They always tell great stories too. Of course, there is always the inherent sadness, but then it can be uplifting as well - there's always so much love and appreciation to be found in the epitaphs and messages. 
On a Sunday drive to Hampstead, i was enticed by the history seeping from the gates of St John's and St Mary's church yards. I love the way the earth really does reclaim these old head stones and is it just me, or does the sun seem to bounce more brightly off them? The colours and textures are really inspiring and ironically, full of life.
St Mary's R.C Church
St John at Hampstead