Saturday, April 16, 2011

Record Store Day

I have no means of playing them, but I am still a huge fan of vinyl. I regularly pop into record stores, just to flip through the sleeves and find inspiring covers. So, i’m a real fan of Record Store Day, which is an annual celebration of the resilience of all the independent music stores out there. There are some great gigs organised around this in London today, which are well worth a look if you get chance. Thought this would also be a good excuse to indulge in some of my favourite record covers. Now, it goes without saying that the music is legendary, but what i also love about Led Zeppelin's albums is the amazing art work. Here are two of my favourites...

Led Zeppelin - Houses of The Holy. The colours on this sleeve are just immense...really inspiring.
Dad - Please don't freak that i still have these - they are in good hands!