Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Celebrating Cork @ Anthropologie

Have you seen the fab window display at Anthropologie, Regent Street recently? No you say! Well, for those who are yet to see it, then get down there! You will be greeted by an impressive display, made up of no less than 37,953 corks! Oh yes, that’s a lot of wine. The display is not only visually stunning, but also carries a great message in support of the I Love Natural Cork Campaign. We need to support the cork people!
Now, I love a good theme. So when Anthropologie invited me to their wine tasting (cork=wine) event, I just couldn’t say no… although i very rarely say no to wine anyway! The event was great fun. Not only did you get to learn a little as you drank - how to quaff wine like a pro and what to look for in a good bottle -  but you also got free reign on their goooorrrgggeeous store. Which after a few glasses of the good stuff, was even more tempting than usual!
am now also fully behind the environmentally friendly, super sustainable, down right sexy cork. Where is the pleasure in a screw top anyway? Give me that lovely ‘plonk’ sound when opening a bottle any day! Say no to Screw and yes to Cork!