Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Vintage Furniture Flea

I am always up for a bit of vintage on a Sunday, so hearing that The Vintage Furniture Flea was back in town, i decided to pop along. York Hall in Bethnal Green provided the perfect back drop due to its old english feel, transporting me back to nights spent at my local youth club. After cooing over a great many things, i decided to be sensible and stick to some vintage martini glasses and 1920's french fashion mags (could have spent a fortune on cabinets alone - but i have nowhere to put them!). The soundtrack to the day was provided by The Bellinis, a great jazz/ swing band with a modern twist (more on which later), with 40's style tea and cakes giving a much needed energy boost. The woman behind it all is Judy Berger, a former personal shopper and stylist, who also brings us the Affordable Vintage Fashion Fair  and the Vintage kilo sale (next London stops 16th and 22nd April). The team will also be heading up Vintage at the Southbank (the new Goodwood) in August...i can't wait!