Saturday, March 26, 2011

Beauty personified...the iPad 2

A tenuous link to London maybe, although in my defence the genius designer that is Jonathan Ive (the man behind imac, ipod, ipad...basically all the amazing design to come out of Apple in the last 15 years) is a Londoner... Ah, Jony Ive, you have brought such happiness to my life and you just never stop giving.
Do i really need an excuse to display such beauty though? I can hear a few non-believers out there scoffing away, but i am not going to let that spoil this moment. I'm not here to convert anyone to Apple, you will have to find the light yourself! If you are curious though, just pop into one of their stores and let the magic wash over you. I converted 6 years ago and i know that the lack of PC related stress has definitely added years onto my life!
What makes this ipad even sweeter, is the fact that there were no queues involved. Oh yes, you heard it right. The man decided to drive outside of London and was able to walk straight into a '3' store and buy with no hassle - the kind of efficiency Apple would be proud of. Although this did mean missing out on the celebratory atmosphere and traditional high 5 from all the Apple staff (i am sad enough to have queued before!).
Now, this iPad isn't actually mine (officially) and the man is glaring at me as he is yet to play with it, so i am signing off before i get a punch in the head! I am sure i will be posting a review as soon as i get my mitts back on it...what i will say though, it's a dream to type on.