Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Smile for London - Art on the Underground

Smile for London has vowed to help us beat the January blues (the most depressing day of the year was apparently last Monday) with a 'showcase of film, art and animation' on the underground. A fantastic group of artists have created a collection of 'creative intermissions', which are being showcased during morning and evening rush hour at selected stations. 
It has certainly put a smile of my face, with favourites being Amy Thornley's 'Spreadsheet Invasion' (sharing my contempt for spreadsheets) and Sodazot's film with the crazy eyes (I may have actually snorted out loud)! I found myself  doing the unthinkable and voluntarily missing a tube (or two), just to see more, as well as mixing up my journey to catch films at different stations! Check out their great site for a map of featured stations, as well as artist names and previews of what to expect.
Walker & Bromwich – Limbo Land

Best Before – Smile Birdy Smile
Last day to catch this is Friday, but hopefully there will be more projects to follow...