Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Nomad presents Donnie Darko @ Brompton Cemetery

I have slightly exhausted the outdoor cinema experience in recent years. But one night i've missed out is the Brompton Cemetery film hosted by The Nomad every September. Although on reflection, last years offering -  The Shining -  may have been a little too jumpy for me in this environment! Donnie Darko was just the right kind of eerie - i don't care what anybody says though, that is one scary ass rabbit!!
The Nomad are slick. They know how to organise a good gig, without it being too in your face. Even the fizzy rain couldn't dampen my spirits, thanks to a roll of recycling bags (thank you Wandsworth council) and a thermos of coffee, that actually had more liquor in it than the hot black stuff! I also experienced my first ever fish dog, from the Hix van, with fresh doughnuts and hot, salted caramel sauce as dessert - to die for (bad joke?!). Overall a very cool night, in a beautiful cemetery that warrants a visit all in itself.