Saturday, March 23, 2013

So Dior at Harrods

This is a must see. The exhibition brings together a beautiful collection of Dior creations throughout the years. To see toiles from Christain Dior's designs, through to the Galliano years, finishing with Raf Simons new, new look is fascinating. The silhouettes evolve whilst still embodying the Dior signature throughout. This is Harrods, so of course, the exhibition oozes class, but then Dior must be an easy subject matter to work with. The windows that accompany the exhibition are exquisite (as usual) and mirror the relationship between Dior and London that the exhibition explores in more detail. Cafe Dior is on hand for some light refreshment whilst you reflect on the wonders that you've just seen. Then why not pop down a couple of floors to view the current collection up close and maybe splash out if you're feeling super crazy / super flush?!! One can dream...

the Dior miniature theatre  - stunning!  Do you recognise any of the fabulous, famous reproductions? Which, by the by, where all created in the Dior Haute Couture ateliers!