Sunday, October 14, 2012

BookCrossing Books

Walking past a phone box on my way home a few months ago, i caught a glimpse of an abandoned book inside. Never one to walk past these kind of things, i stepped inside and not only did i find a book, but also a wonderful story! My new book was part of a social sharing experiment called 'BookCrossing'.

Billing itself as the worlds library, BookCrossing is a wonderful way of connecting people through books, by creating a social network of book sharers all around the world! The social experiment, which started in 2001, encourages you to release your books into the wild, for others to enjoy, whilst tracking its progress through a central site. Now, i love anything with a story, so this was right up my street. The weird thing is once i looked back through my book's history, it actually originated from a small town up north, very close to where my parents live...small world, eh?! i love David Attenborough, so was well chuffed with my find. And after enjoying The Trials of Life for the past few months,  i'll be sending it on its merry way soon. Now where do i leave it...