Friday, April 13, 2012

Bob Marley in London

A tenuous link to London maybe, but this guy gets me through my morning commute most days. Nobody calms the soul like Marley. i feel positively centred after the first bar of three little birds.
As you probably know, Marley spent a lot of time in London. I went looking for this plaque the other day in Camden, after reading about his 'footprint on London'. 
Now, i'm quoting a quote of a quote here, when i write that Marley believed London was his 'spiritual home'. I was surprised by that, but i will take it anyhow. I tried so hard to find a photo or some footage of him playing football in Battersea Park, but had no luck. hmmm. There might be something in the new documentary that comes out next week. Check out the trailer. It looks awesome. i feel like i've been waiting forever for it to come out.