Monday, January 30, 2012

The Garrison

A horrible head cold, called for a major pick me up last weekend. As my head was full of mush, the man was in charge of coming up with the goods. And he did good! 

Seeing as all i was capable of doing was bitching (i don't do ill gracefully), he thought the best tactic would be to occupy my mind (and mouth) with food. Enter The Garrison. Now this gorgeous pub is somewhere we constantly lust after, but as Bermondsey is choc full of awesome eateries, it had never made the cut before. How silly of us! 

You know when you step inside a place and it just kind of talks to you. Well, this place did just that. There are so many little eccentricities and quirky goings on, that even before the food was served (which was damn fine by the way), i was hooked! So this is more of an interiors post, but my God, the yummy noises i made whilst eating were so obscene that the poor couple next to me started to blush! And they were French! 

Eat there! 

I am very nosey. So finding myself sitting next to a wall mounted cupboard made my fingers twitch. Yes, i am the kind of person to root through your bathroom cupboard, so a restaurant cupboard is no different! I almost yelped with delight when i found that the contents were a random shoe (yes, a shoe!)and loads of wonderful messages from previous table dwellers. This is part of the eccentric gorgeousness of the place. So after brunch, we piled up all the scribbled notes and lingered over them with a second cup of tea. Pure Joy!