Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Down the back of the sofa

So, after the mini heatwave, today officially felt like Autumn. Kicking crunchy leaves on my way to work, i was reminded of the autumnal 70's colour palette of this installation at the Vintage at Southbank Festival, back in the Summer, (proper Summer mind, ie July!). 'Down the back of the Sofa' was curated by Derby Museum, as a replica of an early 1980's living room...if you're thinking it looks more 70's, you'd be right. This was still how things looked in the early 80's...or so i'm told! The attention to detail was awesome, from authentic magazines in the rack, to the board games under the bed. Every drawer and cupboard was filled how it would have been, which led to many a gasp of delight from yours truly - i love snooping in drawers as much as i love vintage knick knacks! But the best bit was the active participation. Revellers were encouraged to document their nostalgic thoughts by tying notes on any object that took their fancy. It led to a very amusing narrative as you explored the room! All that was left to do, was relax on the sofa whilst sipping sherry...i definitely made myself at home.