Thursday, August 04, 2011

Vintage Festival @ Southbank

The jury's still out on the much anticipated return of Vintage, held this year at the Royal Festival Hall. There have been mixed reviews, but i have to say that i had a ball! Yes, i think that there was more scope for pushing each decades theme a little more (well, a lot more actually), but there was just so much going on that everybody seemed to find their place. Each floor hosted a different decade through music, dance, decor and drink, with loads more extras thrown in. It was really surreal to see such an eclectic combination of fashion and style under one roof, from the 20's right up to the 90's. The man and me performed an initial reccy of the place (with necessary re-fueling stops along the way) before settling in the most amazing 80's living room (more on which later). The river front balcony drew the crowds by nightfall, so much so that the fun was ushered inside after 'structural concerns' were voiced. Just as MJ started getting his 'Off the wall' groove on - major bummer! We did manage to toast the town with our plastic martini glasses before we left though! God, i love London.
Wayne and Geradine Hemingway - the brains behind this award winning event
North South Divide...a great little pub bringing together northern monkeys and southern wankers! There was plenty of good humoured, animated banter, with accents that got more and more pronounced with every drink!
Then there was the entertainment...i'm a bingo lover at the best of times, but when you throw in some gays with great legs and show tunes, it just explodes! 
Let it Rock! The place for the movers and shakers and sexy teddy boys.
The Warehouse. An underground rave. Hot, sweaty and seedy, deep in the bowels of the Festival Hall. 
The night fell this balcony was THE place to be. the views over the southbank were stunning. the perfect backdrop for a disco soundtrack and some retro moves...