Monday, February 21, 2011

LFW A/W 11 - Topshop Unique

With the Disney song 'Cruella De Vil' floating on the air waves, it was only natural that the first thing you spotted at the Topshop Unique show was...well, spots! The canine theme was carried throughout, with models sporting puppy ear hair do's and black button noses. Dalmatian spots were big and bold on white fur as well as small and delicate on jackets and accessories, with knitted doggy motifs sure to become commercial best sellers. 
But there was a lot more to this show than pooches! Thirties Americana was expressed through elegant silhouettes, faux fur stoles and printed silks conjuring an air of Hollywood glamour, all with a Topshop twist of course! Silky sailor suits, gangster pin stripes and the continuing trend for the midi length skirt completed a desirable and very wearable collection.
I loved the Art Deco style devore prints, a great homage to the New York skyline, with Miami also receiving a shout out through a canary yellow printed dress. Accessories included printed cuffed gloves, boxy bags and t-bar shoes with block heels, which promise a season of comfortable feet ahead! Once again I am already planning my September purchases before Summer has even started! 

This devore dress of the New York cityscape is firmly on my must have list!
Going to Miami? Then this dress is a must have! **Also suitable for other locations.
Check out the show video here, if only to catch a glimpse of the back of this gorgeous velvet dress!

All images via the fabulous