Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wimbledon… a British institution

The man and me weren’t brave enough to queue overnight for court tickets (I know, we are a disgrace to British society). But we did queue from early this morning to get a spot on Henman hill. The experience was well worth the 4 hour wait! I am not sure if I could have done it in the rain though.

We set up shop with a beautiful picnic and copious amounts of Pimm’s to watch the religion that is Federer. Roger Federer, one of my favourite ‘F’s’, didn’t let me down with his choice of outfit this year (although he did give us a bit of a scare with a five set thriller!). One of the first to champion the blazer in 2007, then came the ribbed cardigan of 2008 (my personal fave) and the topical military jacket / pressed trouser combo of 2009. Now for 2010, a beautiful polo shirt with pin tuck detailing and a sportier than usual tracksuit top, with his branded gold trim. I am sure his good friend Anna Wintour will approve!